Sports Event Campaign

Sports Event Campaign

Children dream...of happiness, safety, a loving family, and a bright future. But for some, those dreams have vanished....

Millions of children in Southeast Asia and Africa have lost both parents, have been abandoned to the streets, or have parents living in extremely destitute circumstances who cannot afford to feed them. Homes of Love is a place of restoration for these children...where real parents care for children who are in desperate need...where they receive protection, guidance, and love. It's a place where children can begin to dream again!

Homes of Love creates families by identifying, training, and supporting in-country Christian parents to raise at-risk children as their own. In HOL families children receive healthcare and access to education, allowing them to escape the dangers of poverty, abuse, neglect, and sexual exploitation. Living in a family also allows these children to experience love, a sense of belonging, and a connection to community that helps them grow into thriving adults. Today, Homes of Love has homes in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

Your campaign will help Homes of Love provide loving parents, education, healthcare, and so much more to these children.

Once your campaign is complete, you will receive a report from Homes of Love showing how your contribution made a difference.